Climb the CRM ladder and turn to real-time

Marketers see Direct Marketing as the best way to increase their sales.

And you? Are you ready to turn your company into a direct company?

The History. Direct Marketing has always been a great tool for adding value to your business as it provides your customer with a better service delivery. The comfort of home shopping, the convenience of being informed, not having to see a sales person and the price benefit that goes along with cutting the middlemen. Today marketers see direct marketing as the best way to increase their sales. But what has changed? They plan to invest differently and plan to ad more channels to their programs. Social media, e-mailing, telemarketing, sms are gaining ground.


The perfect Storm speeds up the evolution.  We are living an explosion of media channels. Earned, owned and paid media models prevail and social media are part of our daily lives now. The company’s agenda doesn’t lead the operations any longer and is replaced by the customer’s behaviour. In the meanwhile the mobile and tablet market grew mature and digital is the new normal for almost all targets. We offer seamless customer experience via apps and marketers can access more data than ever before.

Step 1: Climb the CRM ladder

Assess where your company is on the CRM ladder and describe actions and plans to move up the ladder. The ultimate goal is to be ready to make the customer the right offer on the right time. Imagine what you can do with locations based targeting in real-time, or what savvy retargeted marketing can bring to your conversion results. Most of the times companies are still struggling with getting their data in order and need to understand the basics of data management stewardship.

Step 2: Learn to embrace Omichannel campaigns

Processes where customers come in via your website (mobile, pc, tablet) and pay a visit or register and buy are accounting for the majority of the sales traffic today. What’s happening next needs to be seamless flow of integrated communications flows. Retargeting visitors only, facilitating registrations, social media sharing and confirmation mails. On paper or via e-mail? Every option has his advantages and is set to maximize ROI and communication KPI’s.

Step 3: Hire Flexible, agile, multi skilled marketers. The Hybrid marketer is born.

The new marketers doesn’t only master the marketing knowledge and expertise. He needs strategic vision and must be able to translate this towards the stakeholders of his company. He turns hybrid and aligns IT insights with his marketing insights. He must be agile and multi skilled or hire and manage people with the skills needed to set up and manage multichannel campaigns.

Step 4: Learn the new Direct Marketing Value Chain

  1. It starts with strategies. Think before you act. The company strategy and de campaign strategies must be aligned and mutually strengthen each other.
  2. Direct Marketing creatives are not the same people as those working for above the line campaigns. Don’t get fooled by people who say it’s all the same. The real direct marketing creative masters the emotional side of the brand and makes a seamless translation towards sales triggers and call to actions in direct marketing pieces. Good examples are found in this video.
  3. Managing your creative assets is key to get your communication coherent and flawless. A place where people can find, update the brand guidelines, logos, video, text, images is what we call asset management.
  4. The media mix turns into an asset to as soon as you can find the right mix for your target and maybe turn into a leader in one of the media.
  5. The Omni channel campaign operations can create customer intimacy when executed in a flawless flow. Moreover measuring and tracking behaviour turns into an ongoing process set to improve the ROI of your company offers to turn your company into a Direct Marketing Company. Key expertise :DIRECT MARKETING AND MARKETING AUTOMATION: Direct communications via multichannel marketing automation expertise: E-CRM, print & digital, campaign management. BRANDING AND CUSTOMER EXPERIENCES: Turning brands into lively experiences. Research and implementation.MULTI CHANNEL MARKETING:Planning and implementing multi channel approaches. HANDS ON & PRACTICAL: Web building, e-mail, e-surveys, print, research, and database management, SPSS. Contact: Pascal Tack via 0032494856125 –

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