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Sustainable Food for Flanders

Sustainability is a key issue in the Flemish food chain. Together with res-sens.biz we developed a marketing strategy and plan for helping stakeholders to cope with the communication challenges. Boerenbond, Fevia, Comeos, Unizo, ABS, Bemefa, Vredeseilanden were in the team

What kind of CRM for the bank?

Together with Across Technology we consulted a medium sized Belgian bank on the needs of a CRM platform. Based on consumer research we mapped the need against the offers and types of proposed CRM solutions

Direct & Digital Director at McCann

I worked for Mccann on clients like Opel, Keytrade, Puro and developed a value proposition for the agency. The Pulse combined social media listening and consumer research for gaining strategic consumer insights

Co-Owner and Strategy Director at Famous

After 20 year of banking i turned into the co-ownership of the direct and digital marketing pole of the FAMOUS agency. We won the first ever Belgian Direct Lions award and were elected most efficient agency . We worked for Belgacom, Inbev, Toyota, AXA …

Grow into a direct marketing company

Speed up your marketing automation - Turn into an excellent direct marketing company
Multiskilled hands on experienced marketing management

The mantra of the company is « Brand and sell in One Move » . We believe that companies lose time and money by organising branding and sales initiatives separately. With TippingPoint.be we spread knowledge about customer experience management, CRM, Return on investment, brand activation and branding. We help companies focus on the small things that make the big differences. The tipping points in their communication. Tippingpoint.be is not positioned as an advertising agency but as a new breed of integrated marketing and sales services company.

  • Direct communications via multichannels Marketing automation expertise : E-CRM, print & digital, campaign management.

  • Turning brands into lively experiences. Research and implementation

  • Planning and implementing multi channel approaches

  • Multi skills: Webbuilding, e-mail, e-surveys, print, research, database management, SPSS, conversation management, twitter, linkedin campaigns, video-services, grafphical design, copywriting.

May I help you?

Pascal Tack

Owner – Director
Owner Former Direct marketing Manager at Citibank- Head of Marketing – member of exco – at Deutsche Bank – Co-owner at Famous advertising Agency. Skilled and succesful marketeer combining strategy with hand on skills. Get in touch

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